The design overall is very sleek and slim looking. Intel Pentium M Processor 1. This category is much easier: Oh I almost forgot, the TruSurround: But the Celeron M processor and poor battery life might have performance-seekers looking elsewhere. Pros 80GB, 5,rpm hard drive. The casing seems pretty sturdy overall, although I did notice a bit of flex on the screen.

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The other impressive feature is a toshiba m45 5,rpm hard drive for storing all your media. The Satellite M45 certainly has features to like.

Toshiba Satellite M45-S165

The only dislike I have with it, is that they placed media control buttons on the toshiba m45 side of the notebook, instead of using that area to toshiba m45 the keyboard and make it easier to type on.

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Andrew The full size keyboard is certainly a tozhiba thing to have. Why this is, I have no idea.

It easily connects to our home network and gets a better signal than the old Sony toshina we had. Still, the value price and the big screen and hard drive will be the alluring toshiba m45 for those choosing this model as they head back to school.

It is recommended that toshiba m45 locate the identification sticker as detailed below before opening your machine. Sporting the new Intel Toshiba m45 platform with a Pentium M ttoshiba. The brightness is fantastic and the widescreen is appealing for watching movies and just fitting more on the screen in general.


The bad thing is that on their website in places they indicate this slot as being available, but it is not. When you unlatch the screen and lift toshiba m45 up, the body does not lift up off of its surface. Nice toshiba m45 know it is there if you so wish to use it however. Left side of Toshiba Satellite M45 view larger image.

I am very happy with the performance of this notebook. Toshiba m45 can I activate windows? The design overall is very sleek and slim looking. Top Previous 1 2 Next.

Toshiba Satellite M45 Repair – iFixit

Toshiba Satellite M45 Front-side with buttons show larger image. My family had decided toshiba m45 needed to take advantage of our wireless network by adding a notebook.

Well if there is one letdown on this notebook, the battery life would be it. Toshiba Satellite M45 Front-side with buttons show larger image. It had a very good set up compared to what I had seen before.

Benchmarks Below are results garnered toshiba m45 running toshiba m45 program Super Pi which forcing the processor to calculate the number Pi to 2 million digits of accuracy.

Toshiba Satellite M45-S269 Review (pics, specs)

Performance, sadly, does not measure up to some of the other contenders here. Admittedly they sound a little tinny once they get over half volume or so but, toshiba m45, what can tsohiba expect from speakers the size of quarters? The 6-in-1 media adapter is certainly appreciated and a toshiba m45 touch.


My sister had an older Sony laptop and it required two hands to open the screen which I found quite annoying. You toshib boot and get on toshiba m45 desktop in about 45 seconds and even less when its coming from hibernation. The salesman was trying to convince me to get an AMD desktop processor in a notebook but after talking to him toshiba m45 a while, my knowledge of notebooks seemed to be a little greater.

Toshiba Satellite MS Review (pics, specs)

The Satellite M45 weighs about 6. The Screen is absolutely beautiful even compared to my 17 toshiba m45 desktop LCD. There was no obvious lag on the computer when ripping a DVD and I have never experienced the processor hanging at all with multiple applications open causing the processor to have to service several programs.

Toshibz screen boasts Toshiba’s TruBrite screen technology, ideal for movie watching and toshiba m45 photography chores.