The Outsiders

Originally published April 24, 1967
Author S. E. Hinton
Pages 192
Publisher Viking Press, Dell Publishing, Random House, MORE
ISBN 014038572X

The novel of the writer S. Hinton written in 1967, the American writer began to write this novel at age 15 and finished at 18. The idea is based on ​​an inter-class non-match between adolescents of that time. The story of the confrontation of adolescents from poor neighborhoods and “golden youths” who always find out the relationship “on the fists”, hate each other, and can not understand that everyone has their own problems.

This book teaches that it does not matter whether you are poor or rich, more important is what you are. And also the fact that where you were born and the amount of money does not provide you a happy life. The main theme of this book is class inequality. But besides, the theme of family relations is very clearly expressed, we could see what different families there are, in some there is love and understanding, in others, on the contrary, they hate, humiliate, despise each other. The book is very simply written and very emotional could be read in one breath.

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