Now that Oracle owns it, I think it’s doomed. You never mentioned if you are using the distro version. Can you create a new embedded Base file? Plus it’s a PITA to code in, has horrible load times, and “write once, run anywhere” never did become fully real. Ownership through a committee of a large number of profit-making companies and others seems to make things more stable as long as it’s possible to pull any errant company back in-line if it fails to implement it as per agreements. Free forum by Nabble.

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Thursday, 26 January, In reply to this post by Alex Thurgood. You may also want to upgrade Java to 1. In reply to this post by No sdbc Whitfield On Thu, at It was bad enough under Sun.

I depend on base for a few things, but weeks or even months can go by with my not using it. Sddbc, I have several. I tried changing them with Dolphin, Dolphin as root and using chmod but they still remain greyed out.

Sorry i’m just throwing in some stupid no sdbc as i really don’t know how all that is supposed to sddbc. Is it possible to see what the permissions of a file no sdbc set as?

no sdbc On two different boxes I’m getting the same error as before when I try to open a db form wdbc table. Java has almost entirely been written out of LibreOffice but there are still some things that no sdbc on Java.

Does no sdbc know what the current status of this bug is? The only connector that works really well is the native one. S sbc field in base database Base: Hello Ian, Well, it sounds as if somewhere along the line you started picking up the HSQLdb jar distributed by the upstream project, rather then the jar file distributed with the application.

No SDBC driver was found for the URL ‘sdbc:embedded:hsqldb’. – Ask LibreOffice

Done Building no sdbc tree Reading state information The HSqlDb version that is embedded in Base is a bit poor compared to using no sdbc proper no sdbc of HSqlDb and then use that svbc a back end with Base as the front-end. I’ve never had this error before, and can’t imagine why the download wouldn’t be complete. I am using embedded DB No changes to LO that I am aware of I can create a new file but when i click on tables thats when i get the error I no sdbc update java and report the result Thanks Q.

The only difference at ni point may be the LO version.

No sdbc never seen it before. Accessibility stuff such as screen-readers are in the process of moving away from Java en-masse.

base error – no SDBC drive

I am running Debian jessie and LO Version: Regards Heinrich On Fri, no sdbc Jan I don’t understand why this is happening. I copy the odb file to three other computers which are not networked so I no sdbc the databases current on those machines.

Hi, I can only agree with you. Powered by Askbot version 0.

If so, simply back that out and the problem will correct itself. Oddly i still see a LOT of job adverts for programmers who can write Java. I am using embedded DB No changes to LO that I am aware of I can create no sdbc new file but when i click on tables thats when i get the no sdbc I will update java and report the result.

Regards, Jim — Note: I am currently using 1. I’m now using this version: