The inclusion of the AC power cord and telephone line cable vary accord- ing to countries. Chapter Special features Soft keys Use the arrows to view all the text. Every fax and Internet fax page you send arrives at the receiving machine with a single line of text at the top of the page. Before Sending, Document Handling, Scanning Resolution Before sending Document handling Before you begin please review the acceptable document sizes and proper setting methods on pages to Page Advanced search You can add more criteria to your search by selecting [Advanced]. Page If you want to cancel a command, select the command you want to cancel.

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Mfx 1430 cannot select a number that has already been registered. Close the ADF cover, making sure both sides are snapped down securely. This manual also for: Press [Reset] to cancel the duplex copy settings. Stored Mfx 1430 List Stored document list Your machine can print a list of documents stored in memory. mrx

Muratec Mfx | Mfx :: – Detailed Copier Specifications

Select desired mode, and then press [Enter]. Bypass Use this mfx 1430 set the paper type on the bypass tray.

Turn the cartridge locking lever to the right until it locks into mfx 1430. Is it in stock? Page To clean the charge wire Open the front cover. Select a shortcut mfx 1430 using [Page Up] and [Page Down] or the mfx 1430 keys. This insures that the memory will hold only your settings. Kfx a document for polling Set the document. Use [ ] or the numeric keys to enter the cost per page.


You tried to enter more pages into memory than your machine could store.

Muratec MFX-1430 Black & White Copier

Page Your machine can be used as a printer, either locally mfx 1430 the USB port or through the network via the Ethernet port. Advanced Functions, Color Advanced functions Color Use this key to toggle 14300 monochrome and color scan modes. Up to 40 digits You must mfx 1430 either the fax number or e-mail address.

Zoom ratio This machine allows you to mfx 1430 140 image you are copying. Select the address book number you want to mfx 1430 using [ ] or the numeric keys, then select [Yes]. If You Cannot Solve The Problem If you cannot solve the problem If you have a problem with your machine that you cannot solve with the information provided in this chapter, contact your local Muratec dealer or call the Muratec Mfx 1430 Support Center at from U. Set your answering machine to answer calls after no more than two rings.


From the display, select the cassette containing the paper you mfx 1430 to use for copy- ing. Press [Setting], [List], [Journal List]. Printable area The printable area is shown below. The default setting is [Auto]. Perform the operation you want to mfx 1430.

Turning on mfx 1430 reception in real-time The machine will enter mfx 1430 security reception mode automatically at the prede- termined time. To turn fax forwarding [ON], you must register at least one transfer rule.

You can set the time period for the machine to perform this procedure. Precautions Installation precautions Keep you machine clean Dust buildup can damage your machine.


Daylight Savings Daylight savings Select whether to activate the mfxx mfx 1430 feature. I-1 United States of America There are three ways to enter the zoom ratio.

If you want to make any adjustments, click [Properties] or [Setup].