Mein Kampf

Originally published July 18, 1925
Author Adolf Hitler
Pages 720
Publisher Franz Eher Nachfolger
ISBN 978-1495333347

“Mein Kampf” – Adolph Hitler’s book, in which he spelled out his political program in detail. In Hitler’s Germany, “Mein Kampf” was considered the bible of National Socialism, it gained fame even before the publication, and many Germans believed that the Nazi leader is able to implement everything that he outlined in the pages of his book. The first part of “Mein Kampf” Hitler wrote in Landsberg prison, where he served time for attempted coup d’etat (see Beer Putsch in 1923).

Many of his associates, including Goebbels, Gottfried Feder and Alfred Rosenberg, have already published pamphlets or books, and Hitler was passionately anxious to prove that, despite his inadequate education, he is also able to contribute to political philosophy. Since the stay of almost 40 Nazis in prison was not burdensome and comfortable, Hitler spent many hours dictating the first part of the book to Emil Maurice and Rudolf Hess. The second part was written by him in 1925-27, already after the reconstruction of the Nazi Party. The book is banned in several countries.


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