I tried restalling XP on the Laptop but even during the installation process it would freez. There is no simple answer to your question. There is a chance that this is some kind of compatibility issue between laptop motherboard and memory brand you are trying to use. Your laptop detects new hardware after upgrading the memory module? Try updating the BIOS. After that I was able to use the same original restore CDs set.

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Now i would like to know if i upgrade the ram to 1 tuinkpad 2 GB would i be able to run smoothly windows 7 or vista, and is there any way i could also change my hard drive.

This machine does have a slightly backlevel BIOS v1.

Thank you so much a 2 minute job and works a treat. I did figure how to repalce the ram chips.

IBM ThinkPad T41 Type 2373 Intel Pentium M Laptop for Parts

Anyone have ibm thinkpad t41 type 2373 solution for the 2GB lockup on the T42s? Just swapped out both Mb modules in my T40 U for 2: Thank you for the really great advice. I had trouble with a pc in my t41 and when I installed a pc it worked fine.

Each 1Gb Module works in each slot.

New IBM ThinkPad T41 notebook computers for education feature great performance in a lightweight

Now my laptop is asking me to install new hardware. In a case like that I would test the laptop with different RAM brand. Is there a way to change ibm thinkpad t41 type 2373 voltages in the bios? It works but locks up and gets a blue screen with the following error:. KHappe, Did you try reseating memory modules?

Yes, it could be compatibility issue, tinkpad before you buy another module I would try my suggestion. No, you cannot use DDR2 memory in your laptop. I removed the extra memory module, etc, but still not improvement.

I have read that the Ram may be the culprit. Ibm thinkpad t41 type 2373, if I use the two at same time computer crashes. Ibm thinkpad t41 type 2373 am knott a Geek. Also, thank you for saying exactly what RAM I needed to buy. I bought a Kingston 1GB module, and I am having a similar problem as one of the previous posters.

My bios is the up to date. I then put thinkppad MB card back in the bottom slot and put the 1 GB card in the slot under the keyboard and it worked fine and recognized all 1.

Manual says it will support 2 1g of pc I am going to get the RAM tomorrow and if it is the right kind i ibm thinkpad t41 type 2373 reply again. Also how would you increase the c hard drive memory on this laptop? Thanks to your instructions, it took me all of 10 minutes to successfully install the new memory. If I want to add another card, should it also be ? Hi, i have an T42 and my laptop has ram and 60Gb of hard disks space.

ThinkPad T41 Specs – CNET

Just installed a second Crucial 1GB card. What an easy computer and thanks for the memory spec. There is thinmpad chance that this is some kind of compatibility issue between laptop motherboard and memory brand you are trying to use.

I need somebody to help me to teach me how ibm thinkpad t41 type 2373 remove the motherboard. I decided to look in the machine.