You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Shalini Sampath Kumar has already suggested this driver. Thanks, but no that does not show up as an option. The PPD can describe allowable paper sizes, memory configurations, the minimum font set for the printer, and even specify a tree-based user interface for printer-specific configuration. Is there something within my system, rather than the printer driver, that I can change? Let us know if you need further assistance with Windows related issues. I am after some advice on what driver to install and how to install it so that it works with our OKI printer.

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If I print the same reduced size drawing from my colleague’s Apple computer it prints perfectly.

TF PS 25 Feb. Thanks Shalini, Firstly, no, there are no error messages when printing to the Oki. I was unable to find post generic postscript printer drivers from the manufacturer website.

Dec 5, May 17, Applies to: Shalini Sampath Kumar has already suggested this driver.

BPD file format before generic postscript printer them. PostScript Printer Description Filename extension. Go to “Properties” to find “Print Test Page. In reply to Shalini Sampath Kumar’s post on February 11, Updating the PPD files requires removing and then reinstalling the printer.


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Another older machine generic postscript printer I can dedicate to the printer and share with Sierra is a less-than-ideal option I’m looking into – just need to find one. Adding the word “driver” to your search can aid in finding the specific page with one search.

PostScript Printer Description

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Refer to the following link to download postscript printer drivers. Try setting the printer to its highest resolution if postscrpit is not already using that setting.

PostScript Printer Description – Wikipedia

Posted on Dec generic postscript printer, 2: Follow the steps mentioned below to fix the issue. This might lessen the problem with drop-outs. Shalini Sampath Kumar replied on February 12, Yes No Sorry this didn’t help. User profile for user: Sorry this didn’t help. I have been told that this is because Apples have a generic postscript driver “built in” whereas PC’s don’t. Thank you Babu, Yes, I have already ascertained through Oki that there is no Postscript postscgipt available for the printer, which is why I was looking for a generic driver.

It prints completely fine for everything, except when I am printing an A1 generic postscript printer PDF, reduced to fit A3 paper, then it doesn’t print lines etc. In “Printers and Other Hardware,” view your installed printers and “Right Click” on the printer you’re interested in.

Shalini Sampath Kumar replied on February 11, As generic postscript printer, PPDs function as drivers for all PostScript printers, by providing a unified interface for the printer’s capabilities and features.

Lostscript reply to Shalini Sampath Kumar’s post on February 12, Dec 4, 4: Also, there are no postscript drivers available for the printer as it is not a postscript printer, which is why I was asking about a generic driver that I could use in place of Oki’s standard driver. I found and generic postscript printer a generic driver, however the printer would not work with it.