Uses post processing algorithms to enhance standard and low resolution videos and movies on your HD display. Written by Richard Swinburne. AMDs newest chipset boasts integrated DX Offers incredible transcoding speed superior to the CPU alone. The chipset allows you to utilize two full x16 graphics cards.

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The IGP features are listed below:. Together they form the infrastructure for all standard devices, connectivity and 880f bandwidth. Games wise, a simple game or two could be amd 880g fairly okay in lower resolutions.

AMD 800 chipset series

Let us know your thoughts in the forums. Not Included Up to 2 slots for Graphics Upgrade. Asus Apple Sony Google Valve.

These two processors support a new socket called Socket G34 with four-channel DDR3 support, with other amd 880g features amd 880g as HyperTransport 3. HD capable monitor required. Views Read Edit View history. Watch standard DVD movies in near high-definition quality.

So there’s no real crossfire support to be found here, unless amx sincerely limit bandwidth.

I’ll wait amd 880g it though because I don’t really want to jump on until then. Huge bandwidth can translate into fewer bottlenecks and higher performance. Doesn’t look like there’s many changes in terms of performance.

AMD G AM3 Chipset Details Emerge | TechPowerUp

Automatically adjusts the contrast and brightness during video scenes. Why don’t they use RV or something newer than that? I expect DDR3 to be cheaper by then. Sunday, Amd 880g 14th Enables better balanced platforms capable amd 880g running demanding computing tasks faster than ever. Uses post processing algorithms to a,d standard and low resolution videos and movies on your HD display.

There are plenty of PCI-Express 2. Scalable twin-engine technology, all on a single chip, enables flexible configurations for multiple graphics cards on a single x16 link. This chipset is also said to bring OverDrive 3. amd 880g

Double amd 880g bandwidth over earlier PCI Express for improved performance. The chipset allows you to utilize two full x16 graphics cards. AMD does not provide any SB8x0 errata publicly.

Delivers a consistently crisp and vibrant picture ATI Stream Technology A set of advanced hardware and software amd 880g that enable AMD graphics processors GPUworking in concert with the system’s central processor CPUto accelerate many applications beyond just graphics.

Amd 880g chipset series is targeted in three markets: This enables devices to use their native drivers in a adm environment for enhanced performance. Why not put HD graphics amd 880g something on the new chipset? Am I reading this wrong, they talk about the new Pisces chipset, then mention the G boards will have HD’s built in. AMD maintains that all its chipsets back to G support dual digital outputs, but it’s the motherboard manufacturers have chosen not to use it.

AMD G Chipset Detailed |

And amd 880g it a suitable upgrade from the much cheaper G? We test Asus’ smallest board capable of carrying a 6-core CPU. AMD G integrated graphics chipset.

Hardware support for the latest 3D graphics features such as Shader Model 4.